07 January 2019
Euroleague Basketball, Siesta celebrate partnership launch

Euroleague Basketball and Siesta, a leader in the business-to-business furniture sector, celebrated the launch of their recent partnership with a presentation event on Wednesday in Istanbul to highlight the establishment of a relationship that breaks new ground for both organizations.

Siesta became an Official Partner of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four this season thanks to a recognition of shared values and audiences with Euroleague Basketball. Wednesday's presentation featured Jordi Bertomeu, President and CEO of Euroleague Basketball, welcoming Tuncay Işildar, President of Siesta, to the family of EuroLeague sponsors.

"It is a pleasure to announce a partner like Siesta because this kind of relationship does not happen by chance," Mr. Bertomeu said. "It shows the increase in the popularity of our competitions and the consequences of all the work done by our clubs and the national federation here. That work, and the results achieved by our clubs, help us to attract partners like Siesta, with whom we have found many common interests and objectives, amongst which is the vision to grow our presence together in common markets on a pan-European level. Being in partnerships with market leaders like Siesta is what we are looking for, and our commitment to Siesta is to provide them with all of our platforms and assets to help them grow their brand and their business."

Siesta, operating in 75 countries, has global impact in the outdoor furniture field, and accordingly chose to partner with another global brand to raise its exposure even higher through broad-based advertising on Euroleague Basketball platforms and a particular focus on the Game of the Week, whose broadcast is seen in upwards of 100 countries.

"We are among the top 10 producers and market leaders when it comes to plastic furniture," Mr. Işildar said. "Having a partnership with the EuroLeague is something we always had in mind, as our customer profile is very much aligned with the profile of EuroLeague fans. Thanks to this partnership, this year we will boost our brand presence in key markets for us where basketball is very important, such as Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece and France amongst others."